Friday, April 13, 2007

End-of-Week Linkage

I'm feeling pretty uninspired right now, so bite into these for now:

--A Series of Letters to the First Girl I Ever Fingered, written by the mostly hysterical Michael Ian Black (boo, Sierra Mist)

--Oh, good lord, this headline is priceless: "Diner scarred for life after sausage explodes in her face." Sadly, the article is less about bukkake films and more about serious burns that have actually scarred the woman horribly. Tough times.

--Only a matter of time: get yo' Nappy-Headed Ho gear, teddy bears, T-shirts, infant bodysuits, you name it

--I shit you not: Arizona has built a crosswalk for the elk, and it seems to actually be lessening auto-animal collisions

--From you, Dad! I learned it from punching you! Yikes.

--Not a fan of celebrity gossip, but this one is too good: "Melanie 'Scary Spice' Brown Wants To Prove Eddie Murphy Is Her Baby's Father"

--Roommate Glaser and I were watching CNN last night, and across the news crawl came this gem: "Nailgun injuries have risen 200% since 1991." We laughed at the weird story, but as it turns out, there are 37,000 nailgun injuries a year. I didn't even know that many people had exposure to nailguns, let along getting injured by them all the time. And why is the CDC calculating this? They don't have bigger fish to fry? I guess not -- 37,000!

--And, finally, here are a couple of videos to end the day...

From the desk of Jake Zebra, let's check in on this tribute to everyone's favorite Norwegian, Morten Gamst Pedersen:

And here's one of my favorite jams the popular rock band Phish ever played, the last nine minutes of a sweet version of Harry Hood from 6/22/00 (my 21st birthday), with some serious special guests:

That's that. Anyone have cool plans this weekend? Eh, I don't care.


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