Tuesday, April 24, 2007


It's a busy day at Ye Olde Office, but this quotation from this article with the headline "Docs fight to save man's willy" managed to strike my fancy this morning. Fannntastic:

Sales rep Stuart McMahon, who was eating supper with his girlfriend, said: “This guy came running in then charged into the kitchen, got a massive knife and started waving it about.

“Everyone was screaming and running out as he jumped on a table, dropped his trousers and popped his penis out. Then he cut it off. I couldn’t believe it.

I couldn't believe it either. In New York we have people running into pizza places to shoot employees in the back before popping two cops and dying themselves. In London, apparently they run into pizza places to cut off their own Johnsons. Weirdo Brits.

And this video is awesome. That kid is back on the escalator again...


At 1:25 PM, Anonymous stealy_fan said...

Totally forgot about that mallrats quote...hilarious.

At 3:28 PM, Blogger Don Fiedler said...

He totally cut off your mom's dick!

At 7:57 PM, Blogger Michael David said...

Ace, are you a big Mallrats fan? I seem to remember you quoting from Mallrats a few times, and I don't recall you quoting from any other Kevin Smith movies. Mallrats is my least favorite of his films.

At 9:22 AM, Blogger Ace Cowboy said...

Mallrats is by far the most laugh-out-loud of the Smith flicks. It's not the best, but it has more riotous comedic moments than the other ones. Big soft spot for Mallrats. Shut it.


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