Tuesday, May 08, 2007

If You Don't Like It, You're a Communiss

I promise, it ain't any of that hippie shit most of you despise so intensely. Just do your ol' pal Ace a favor and take six and a half minutes today to watch this video. Make it full screen, even. And if you don't like it, enjoy your bread lines, ya proletariat fuck.

That's just one of the cooler videos of all-time...it's even got a bonus live version of Long Black Veil at the end. Danko lovin'. So sweet.

Slack Link of the Day: Annie Lennox, you can safely break out your "feels like I'm walkin' on broken glass" line after gate-crashing partygoers just ransacked the shit out of your home. My folks always asked why I didn't throw more big parties in high school, and this is precisely the reason why. Denise Fleming is a tampon.

Slack Link of the Day II: So ESPN and ABC have struck a deal to be announced later today with Cox Communications to offer shows and football games on demand for the cable company. But get this: You can't skip the commercials. As part of the deal, Cox will disable the fast-forward feature for this new on-demand programming, which pretty much negates the whole purpose of having DVR in the first place. As if we needed more reasons to hate the Worldwide Leader.

Slack Video of the Day: Over in Pullin' 'Tubes, I just posted six pretty cool videos of the White Stripes, !!!, The Beatles, Talking Heads, Jeff Beck and the Allman Brothers Band. Get over there.

Slack Song of the Day: I'm lookin' at Robert Walter's Super Heavy Organ this fine morning, so here's Maple Plank and Kickin' Up Dust (with Stanton Moore) from June 30th, 2006.


At 10:33 AM, Anonymous Jude said...


you're a yankees fan.

you live in new york.

you adore new york sports.

you're NOT allowed to hate "the worldwide leader".

it's esp-n.y.
(they don't even try to mask it).

you know it's true.

still love ya, but c'mon...

At 11:45 AM, Blogger Ace Cowboy said...

Just because they cover NY teams doesn't mean they like 'em. In fact, there are more Yankee and NY sports haters over there than supporters -- fucking Steve Berthiaume alone almost got me turn it off forever.

The East Coast bias isn't always a good thing. Sure it brings more coverage, but tt also brings more negativity.

At 12:58 PM, Blogger Boxcar Fritz said...

While I am not proud of much of my life, the fact that if you google espn sucks I come in at #5... by horse shit that makes me proud. Cause they do suck.

Suck dicks.

At 1:14 PM, Anonymous Sly Oyster said...


Nice video, really enjoyed it. Although hearing Long Black Veil at the end, as dope as it was, gave me some horrible flashbacks to my first year college roommate who would blast a shitty DMB version over and over and over again.

And I couldn't agree more about The Weight being the gateway drug for the rest of their tunes. For whatever reason I've been rocking out to the Aretha Franklin version lately but I figured I'd give due where due is due? whatevs.

For me, Get Up Jake is where it's at.


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